Fouilltes de Sagalassos
Hosgeldiniz, Welcome to Turkey...

Welcome to Turkey

After reviewing our itineraries, we made some improvements based on our guests' comments and Turkey's ever-changing environment: new roads, museums, and discoveries.

This year, you will stay at better hotels and enjoy better local food. We added one new tour (Legends of Anatolia) and limited the group to only 10 guests because we want each guest to fully explore all that Turkey offers. Tasting local food in small restaurants and interacting with the local population are among the advantages that small groups offer.
We improved one tour (Cultural Heritage) by adding all 10 of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To facilitate this wide-ranging tour, we limited the group to only 18 guests. Undeniably, Cultural Heritage remains the most comprehensive tour of Turkey you can find.

We sponsored the Sagalassos Archaeological Excavations and included antiquity's magnificent city in many of our itineraries.
We also added the Gobeklitepe Excavation Site in two tours: Eastern Turkey and Cultural Heritage. We believe that the discovery of this site is the most important archaeological event since the discovery of Tutankhamen's Tomb.
In the following pages, you will find the results of our work. We are confident that you will like them. We hope to see you in Turkey this year!
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